Be a Macho Sexual Man (3 Incredible Traits of a Macho Sexual Man)

A macho sexual man knows that there are few ways that always help to fulfill the extreme desires of women. He understands that there is continuous shifting of several kinds of emotions inside women. Actually, women deal with various emotions throughout the day. Most of the time, there emotions or feelings are hard to be understood by men and this thing makes men vulnerable in relationships.

It has become impossible to understand the emotional/sexual needs of a woman for an average man. On the other hand, a macho sexual man, who fully fulfills the extreme sexual/emotional needs of women, always explores the limits of women sexuality with different strategies. He gets their needs met by satisfying their extreme desire. This kind of approach always puts him on the much higher status for women. These days, women are searching for emotional desires, erotic romance and sexual fantasies. Your authority on these things can differentiate you from other 99 percent of men.

Here are three main reasons why women love macho sexual men. You can use these below precious tips to your advantage.

1. Emotional Desires.

For relationships to work, you simply need to care about emotional desires of women. An average man is always an emotional threat for women. Every woman in this world knows that living with an average man is like facing emotional abuse. Women have seen several affairs in their life time. They do not want to be picked up by average men through force or fake trickery. They believe that it is very hard to find out a complete man these days.

So, if you truly be yourself with the right tactics, you will be much more appealing and powerful to women. You can dominate the emotional desires of women exclusively by destroying the negative thinking of them. According to experts, 85 percent thoughts of an average person, throughout the day, are negative. Before going through many methods of romance, put positive feelings inside her mind with your magical conversation. This is where you will separate yourself from other 99 percent of men. 99 percent of men do their damndest to charm her with romantic acts but she gets fail to connect with them emotionally, because of her negative thoughts. You need to bring out positive side of her by motivating her. Every woman in this world wants her man to feel that she is the no. 1 and you can not make her feel like no. 1 by only doing romantic things. You have to use the power of positivity in your conversation for capturing 85 percent of her mind instantly.

Lead her into positive state of mind slowly. For example, talk about her goals and use positive words for motivating her. There are few words that can add different styles of positivity in your conversations. Use these below words often and keep the flame burning for good, for you.

Positive Words: “Abundance, Energetic, Curious, Beautiful, Reliable, Loving, Masterful, Kindness, Conquer, Superiority, Touching, Passionate, Visionary and Truthful.”

Once you dominate the 85 percent of her mind with the power of positivity, you will lead her emotional desires in the way you want. She will always give you her undivided attention and see you as her macho sexual man.

2. Erotic Romance.

Erotic romance is the most beautiful thing between romance and sex. The more erotic feeling you will provide her, the more she will become the symbol of love. It is like creating the erotic atmosphere and maintaining it for a very long time. Women feel like coming to life after experiencing the charm of eroticism. They instinctively sniff out a macho sexual man a mile away. It is because a macho sexual man surrounds himself with erotic energy. He knows very well that how to seduce women by creating an erotic environment.

It is all about details: For a woman, romance is not so much without eroticism. To master the art of eroticism, it is essential to understand the importance of details. In others words, details are so important for women. They desire to feel your slow breathing, fantastic smell and warm body. These three things can make you appear more erotic in romantic moments. On the other hand, flowers are also very affectionate because they make your love concrete. You should put some thoughts while selecting flowers of her personal style. To keep things elegant, it is always great to talk to florist in order to convey your emotions well. As I mentioned earlier, it is all about details for creating erotic moments.

Erotic Domination: Domination is another perspective of erotic romance. For women, it is very arousing to be dominated by a macho sexual man. You increase the power of your seduction by being a dominant man. Consequently, it can be an incredible sexual experience for her also. Of course, there are many things that can be arousing in domination but when it comes to make her surrender sexually, she should be in your authority from start. In today’s culture, your even small acts can make her mind surrender and put you in sexual authority. For example, appearing with an attache case and suite can add attractive amount of authority in your personality that puts you in dominating position. This type of dominating personality always improves the sensations of erotic moments in love making sessions.

3. Sexual Fantasies.

More often, it is clear that women use sexual fantasies and masturbation to take the place of boring sex in relationships. Almost every woman agrees that she would be lucky enough to have a macho sexual man in her life. That’s why; they go for masturbation without waiting for someone to come in their lives. You will be surprised to know that the most common sexual fantasy of women is submission. They get the urge to feel their man, macho sexual, deep inside them. It is very refreshing and exciting when you massage your cock on their clitoris. Women want you to penetrate them deeper and deeper, harder and harder with passion. A dominant man always makes women soak by contracting their pussies with his deep thrusting. He fulfills the wild fantasies of women with his masculinity and therefore makes them worship him as their macho sexual man.

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The Art Of Seduction Needs That “Sexual” Edge The Way Food Needs Salt

There is nothing in this world sexier than a man or woman who knows he or she can make you crave sexual contact like you’ve never craved before and tantalizes you with their “expert” knowledge of the subject.

Though often sexual innuendo is linked to socially unacceptable manifestations such as sexual harassment and sexual lewdness, the fact of the matter remains that we’re all born sexual beings with an inborn sexual nature whether or not we are engaged in a sexual act or behaviour. Very, very few of us have any notion of what our true nature as sexual beings is, and consequently have no means of resolving or reconciling the discords and confusions of our powerful instinctive sexual drives, urges, fantasies, desires, thoughts and sensations. Of those who are insightful enough to perceive the mystical code of their sexuality, few are able to communicate, express, manifest or self-disclose in healthy ways that bring happiness, joy and fulfillment into all aspects of our mental, physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual lives.

In the art of seduction, one’s ability to artfully mix being sexual, natural and playful is what separates seduction that’s gold-medal memorable from seduction that is mechanical and forced. When men and women who lack this ability try to seduce using sexual innuendo they often come across as bubbly full-of-themselves sexual delusionals. On the other hand, a man or woman who knows what they got and can actually deliver has that “edge” that makes them interesting and irresistibly seductive.

But quite often many men and women avoid talking about anything sexual altogether because they don’t want to be perceived as “over sexed” and those who want to be admired for their “brains” rather than their “sexual being-ness.” These individuals fall flat on their faces when it comes to the art of seduction. Besides being boring, they scream “sexually insecure,” “sexually uptight” or “sexually inexperienced.”

Give yourself the opportunity to display extreme sexual confidence, to advertise yourself as a person who posses a fire that consume a sexual partner, but keep in mind that there is a fine and fleeting line between harassment, sex solicitation, plain lewdness and the playful use of “sexual innuendo” in the art of seduction.

Men and women respond differently to sexual innuendoes and sexual teasing. Women tend to get hurt, embarrassed and often put off by men who are constantly talking about nothing but sex all the time, men on the other hand become more aroused. Nonetheless, both men and women enjoy a little “sexual innuendo” with women focusing on male sexual habits, sexual over readiness and excessive desire–and men on women’s physical characteristics, pretence that they are not sexually interested, and women’s innate ability to confuse men and get them really mixed up.

In the name of good taste, be sure to adopt “less is more” mentality- saying something but not too much. A range of subtle words, phrases, sentences and comments that can be interpreted in two or more ways, exaggerated tone of voice, elongated vowels, unusual facial expressions, a little laugh just before or after the “sexual innuendo” signals to the other person that you are just being playfully yourself – and not trying to solicit for sex. This vacillating between one and the other plays a large role in how artfully you can string someone along and keep them entertained, amused, fascinated and anticipating.

If things are interesting, rather than boring and predictable, you’re halfway toward building attraction.

But before you can really master the use of sexual innuendo in the art of seduction, you have to get in a place within yourself where you are aware of, accept and embrace all your innermost feelings, thoughts and intimate interpersonal issues, including your sexual desires and urges. Learn to actually love sex in a healthy way (not as away to get back at the opposite sex or merely satisfy your horniness, but actually loving sex as sacred and beautiful). This will make you feel sexually desirable which will in turn increase your capacity to artfully interest, entertain, fascinate, titillate and pleasure the opposite sex; which in turn increases your sexual self confidence and this automatically makes you place a higher value on yourself and on the goodness of others; which increases your likelihood of success with the use of the art of seduction.

I know that “sexual innuendo” is not for everyone. There are many out there who fear anything “sexual” altogether, who can never allow themselves a moment of uninhibited thoughts, words and behaviours or at least admit it, if they do. To the rest of you, I say, “Enjoy!”